Cool Things to Do in London


When it comes to cool things to do in London, throwing off your clothes, drinking a pint of gin, stealing a police boat and creaming up and down the Thames shooting a taser in the air is up there.  However, this kind of jape is not for everyone and is highly illegal, so it absolutely must not be attempted.  It must also be here stated that we do not endorse or recommend in any way drunk police-boat stealing.  That said, it so happens that the very next thing down the list of cool things to do in London is a trip to Bounce itself.  Although there is no danger of serious accident and virtually zero chance of arrest, we pride ourselves on a satisfyingly febrile atmosphere, concocted by sporting spirit, good drinks and sexy people to dance with.

Cool Things to Do in London

What is more thrilling than staking your reputation on a sport you’ve not played in 10 years? Bounce will provide the canvas for such a tapestry of victory – or shame.  Arrange a tournament with your friends!  It doesn’t matter if some of you couldn’t hit a toaster with a piece of bread, simply upgrade your booking to the Games Guru Experience and get some quick, highly effective coaching.  The Guru will run your tournament, mixing up straight playing with high energy games and fun jokes.  Let me tell you, when it's 15-16 in the tie-break and a hundred people are holding your breath as you serve, that has to go down as the pinnacle of cool things to do in London (without taking your clothes off and drunkenly piloting a police launch into HMS Belfast).


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