After Work Specials

Every Monday & Tuesday, 4pm-8pm

Old Street

So it’s 2017 and we are legit using the Fonz to help us get the message out about Mondays and Tuesdays at Bounce, Old Street. Why? Coz the Fonz was cool. Sure, he is now a 71 year old man. But he was very cool.

And you know what else is cool? Monday, Tuesday, Happy Days at Bounce, Old Street - 4pm-8pm, where you can get two cocktails for £10, not to mention cheerful pricing on beer and wine. 

Get the gang together for an after work drink and maybe a spot of Ping Pong. It’s what Fonzie would do. If he lived in London and was a bit younger.

Please note: Price does not include 12.5% service charge.