3 Social Distancing Birthday Party Ideas


Is it yours or a loved one’s birthday soon? Happy birthday in advance! As you plan your special day, you might have to consider doing something unique or different from previous years. The coronavirus has caught most of the world by surprise and we’re all needing to make some lifestyle changes, particularly by keeping up with social distancing guidelines.

While this means you probably won’t be having a huge bash with everyone, sometimes less really is more! There are lots of clever ideas you could try for a great social distancing birthday party.

How to Have a Memorable Social Distancing Birthday Party

Inviting a few people over to your home isn’t an option at the moment, but you can step out of the house to visit places like bars and restaurants, public parks, and more. In London, people are still allowed to go to bars and pubs with people they live with provided they are meeting social distancing regulations.

At Bounce, we are in full compliance with these guidelines, and you can learn more about all the steps we take to keep you safe. This is your opportunity to try something truly new and innovative or simply to try some more usual activities in a more creative manner!

Here are three ideas that fit this description:

  1. Throw a Ping Pong Party

Think about it, what other sport is as accessible as ping pong is to people of all ages and athletic abilities? Additionally, ping pong tables naturally keep competitors apart as they tend to be just short of 3 meters long. Fancy a little bit of casual or competitive fun with your friends? Come to Bounce for a game (or several) of ping pong! At Bounce, not only do we offer ping pong in abundance, but you can also try a game of our futuristic wonderball!

  1. Dinner for Six

Save the dancing and drinking for some other time, and instead choose a meal with family and friends. Birthdays can be an excellent time for reflection and even better if you are surrounded by those you cherish the most. You will love the delicious pizzas our chefs serve up!

  1. Explore our Drinks Menu

Perhaps a quiet meal is not quite what you have in mind for your birthday. If your heart is set on a little more excitement, come to Bounce and explore our extensive drinks menu. We have a variety of classic and custom cocktails as well as a lovely range of gins, beers and wines. You may even combine your ping pong party or quiet meal out with a round or two of drinks from the bar.

If you’re thinking about an evening out for a nice social distancing birthday party, coming to Bounce will be an excellent idea. With a mix of great food, amazing drinks and games such as ping pong and wonderball, there is so much to do and experience here, and your birthday is sure to be a memorable one.

For a visit to Bounce, book right away, or get in touch with us for further details.