30th Birthday Celebration Ideas


I’m only 17 years old and so thinking about 30th birthday celebration ideas is all a bit scary. Like all 17 year-old interns, I think anyone approaching 30 is absolutely ancient. But you know, given the probability that many people who are nearly 30 years old now, may well be able to extend their life-span to around 120 years, this birthday (which in 1930’s Britain was literally the middle of your life) now represents merely a quarter of their time on earth. So a 30th is actually more like a 16thbirthday really. I had my 16th birthday last year which, taking the above adjustment into account, was really my 8th birthday. We played chess and experimented with blank verse birthday raps, after which we went on a bouncy castle and then tried to fit through a cat-flap. Actually, fitting through a cat-flap would be a seriously good addition to any 30th birthday celebration ideas list.

30th birthday celebration ideas – Bounce

But hang on, if we modify the conceptual core of this idea, that is, squeezing a body through a small space, and change that into hitting a small object with a bat, then suddenly Bounce becomes very useful when thinking of 30th birthday celebration ideas. Almost all 30 year olds will have played video games as kids. What if you could play a kind of ping pong that is also a video game, wouldn’t you just lose your sh#t? It’s like being 30, like being an adult and a kid all at the same time, getting drunk and, via the magic of ball-tracking and video mapping, playing a selection of amazing new hybrid games that everyone will love, and more importantly, can play, because, let’s face it, skill is dead.