Away Days in London


Away days in London can be difficult to plan and often time consuming to research, but we thought we would give you some really helpful hints and tips. The way we like to think of it is like a simple cooking recipe that you can follow time and time again, and the more you do it, the easier it becomes.

The ingredients for away days in London:

A handful of people (can be more depending on requirements)

1 x venue (can include a social element depending on event needs)

A scattering of food (throughout the day, you don’t want anyone getting ‘hangry’)

A cartful of drinks (soft and alcoholic)

A support team (to add the finishing touches!)

The method for away days in London:

Firstly, we need to gather our handful of people. Depending on the needs of the company for your team away day in London, this might be 30 or it could be 200. Establish what the away day is for and then invite the people you need. Once we have established how large our group is, we can start looking for a venue.

Phase 2, finding and securing a venue. This is usually the tricky bit but from our experiences the best venues are those that have it all under one roof. Using Google, event search engines and agencies are all viable options should you be low on time to find a venue but make sure you pick one that does food and drink, potentially a social element (cough Bounce cough) to make your life easier.

Phase 3, food and drink. Make life easy for yourself in this aspect too, a lot of people try to chop and change menus to cater for every single person in a group and that’s when things get messy. If there’s a set menu, choose it, if there’s a drinks package, pick it! Keep things simple to make things stress free.

Finally, don’t attempt this recipe alone. Make sure you have one or two support team members who can help with finalising timings, sending invites and counting RSVPs. Organising team away days in London or any events for that matter can be tiring. We advise 2 members to ensure complete success of each step in this recipe.

Now you’re all set up up for success and it’s all first-hand experience so you know you’re in good hands! Thinking of where to have your next event, you know where we are 😉