Away Days in London


White water rafting? Too bloody cold, and you know, wet. Sushi making? Too fishy, and besides sushi is not exactly filling, is it? When it comes to finding suitable away days, London is an absolute minefield.

Out of all the away days London has to offer, there is just one which is actually 1) warm and dry, 2) choc-full of real food and drink, and 3) ACTUALLY INCREDIBLY FUN, and that is Bounce, The Home of Ping Pong.

Here is what you get if you come to Bounce: starting with the basics you get all the Ping Pong, or Wonderball, you have ever dreamed of. We have literally thousands of balls to play with, honestly! Then you can pick from a huge selection of incredible cocktails thought up by our mixologists, a spectrum of craft beers or Prosecco to really help everyone loosen-up. And after all that, we serve you the crispiest pizza this side of Naples. Mamma mia!

Away Days London at Bounce

Now you’ve seen what we can offer you, you must be thinking that Bounce literally has the best away days London has ever seen! And you would be right. So just call 020 3657 6525 and let’s get this away day party started.