Best Bars to Watch the World Cup in London


As with any mission to source the best bar to watch the World Cup in London,location is key. It takes a few days of planning, at least for me, to make sure you find the perfect spot (not too far away from the bar), the perfect angle to the TV, and the perfect time to arrive. Quite a few things to bear in mind here. I want somewhere that isn’t going to take half a day to get to on public transport, somewhere with a big enough screen so I can actually see the players and of course, somewhere serving tasty bar snacks as well as good drinks. Central London has its fair share of good enough venues that tick at least some of these boxes, but Bounce has a little something extra. Namely, the ability to play Ping Pong whilst you watch. It’s double the fun, not least because they’ve got two venues, one in Farringdon and one in Old Street. You could even liven it up by trying your hand at Wonderball.

If you’re struggling to find the best bar to watch the World Cup this year, you can watch all the action unfold as it happens on the 12ft HD screens at Bounce. Yes, 12ft. The screens are set to take over both venues alongside multiple HD TV’s, because Bounce has well and truly got football mania, and it’s infectious.  Who knows, England could even win! But I personally won’t be holding my breath. Instead I’ll be chowing down on the array of hot dogs, wraps, special pizzas (according to country) and slurping on a cheeky beer or three. All to the melodic tunes of a brass band, trumpeter and drummer as well as the compulsory footy fan chanting.

What’s more, to mark the return of the world’s largest event at Bounce, you can even book your very own private screening to exclusively watch all the World Cup matches. I’m talkin’ an 8ft screen to catch all the action, a football playlist to beat all football playlists (Ant & Dec’s, ‘We’re on the Ball’ say whaaaat), sharing bites and pizzas, and your own exclusive bar to quench your thirst. Not forgetting the legendary Games Gurus who will be on hand to get you in the competitive spirit with Ping Pong before kick-off and during half time. Choose from The Kane, The Neymar or The Ronaldo packages to kick it all off with a bang. It’s the best bar to watch the World Cup this year, and whole lot better than being in Russia, trust me.

Grab your mates, get yourself on the free guestlists and get yourselves psyched up for a month of booze, balls and banter. Chanting encouraged.