Best Bars in Shoreditch


You want to go out with your friends in east London this weekend but you are bored of the same old places. You want something a bit different and interesting. Something to impress your mates. You want one of the best bars in Shoreditch.

Going to the same old pub is getting boring. So you decide to try something new. Well, if this is you, then Bounce in Shoreditch is for you. Just a 5 minute walk from Old Street station, as you enter, you descend a neon lit staircase and you immediately realize that the magic is hidden underground. At the bottom of the staircase you find a huge and beautiful bar that is filled with Ping Pong tables. It really is an incredible sight to behold.

Bounce – One of The Best Bars in Shoreditch

You can hire a table and get playing. If you know your stuff then you won’t be disappointed as all the equipment is professional level. If you don’t know your stuff and just want to have a go you won’t be disappointed either as the vibe in the bar is relaxed and fun.

And the drinks! How could we not have mentioned the drinks? Of all the best Shoreditch bars we have some of the most exciting and incredible drinks. The cocktails are delicious and totally unique to Bounce. From the ‘Messy Eton’ to the ‘Battenberg Negroni’, these aren’t your average cocktails.  

Once you have got a good few of these down you, you may want some food (at least you probably should have some). Our menu is always evolving so if you’re a foodie, you’re in good hands. So when looking for the best bars in Shoreditchmake sure you pay us a visit.