Where Can You Find Best Cocktails in Shoreditch?


What makes a cocktail go from just alright to absolutely amazing? Location, location, location. As well as it tasting really really good, of course. There’s stiff competition for the best cocktails in Shoreditch, no question, so what makes a cocktail in London’s famously quirky district so damn good, and where can you find them?

As I don my Sherlock Holmes deerstalker hat and head off in detective-style pursuit of the best cocktails in Shoreditch, one thing’s for sure – I may be a little tipsy come dinner time. So here’s my list of beautiful boozy discoveries, from me to you. You’re welcome.

Not So White Russian

Whisky yourself down to the bar at Bounce, Shoreditch for the Not So White Russian, a cocktail based on, yeah you guessed it, whisky. But don’t let that scare you off.  For whisky lovers, this cocktail combo is a little sweeter than your average neat whisky on the rocks.  For non-whisky lovers, it offers a diluted, Kahlua coffee flavoured alternative to the fiery strength of necking a straight whisky. Basically it’s a winner all round. AND it comes with chocolate bitter and golden syrup. What’s not to like?

Crackin’ On

Love Island is set to return to our screens this June, and what better way to welcome back the back-to-back nights of mindless television than with the aptly named Crackin’ On cocktail at Bounce. Not gonna lie, I am a little biased about this one because rum is 100% my type on paper, especially when paired with blackberry flavour Crème de Mure, Pineapple, Lime and Orgeat Syrup. Maybe instead of staying in to watch the new Love Islanders crack on with each other from the comfort of your sofa, it’s more preferable to just get out and do it (or drink it) yourself? I’ll cheers to that.

Late to the Party

Shoreditch’s best cocktails might be at their pinnacle with the Late to the Party concoction. Not only does its name scream ‘too cool for school’ (kudos to whoever came up with that one), but it tastes pretty spectacular too. It’s gin-ventive (see what I did there?) with good old reliable Tanqueray as the base alcohol, mixed with the sweetness of elderflower, apple purée, sugar cane, lemon juice and mint. Refreshingly sweet yet zesty, some may say. Simple yet effective. Undoubtedly queen of the gin cocktails, and quite possibly the coolest kid in town, this dark horse won my tastebuds over. Because being late to the party just tastes better.

Best Cocktails in Shoreditch at Bounce

Cocktail lovers the world over who flock to Shoreditch should probably just hit up Bounce, not only for ping pong but their fantastic selection of cocktails. It’s where I’ll be crackin’ on this weekend, and you’re more than welcome to join.