What Constitutes the Best Pizza in London?


What do you think constitutes the best pizza in London? I know that absolutely everyone has their own loves and hates when it comes to pizzas, and I’m certainly no different. What you might think is the Holy Grail is your neighbour’s own personal hell. Sweetcorn on pizza? Yes please, get in my mothercluckin’ face. BBQ base? Do one! I mean it.

So in the spirit of finding out what makes truly the best pizza in London, I have made a list of my absolute carb-loading essentials. Feel free to tell me I’m wrong. But I’m not buying it unless you have evidence.

Best Pizza in London Essentials:

Thin Base 

Now I would argue that those big, thick, old American style pizzas really only provide any form of satisfaction if you are so chronically hungover that you can’t physically leave the bed, let alone your flat. They are the food version of waking up with mascara running down your face, hair all matted, and that IT guy from the office in the bed next to you. Call me old-fashioned, but that doesn’t scream ‘best pizza in London’ now does it? No, no, no, that won’t do at all. What you need is a thin and crispy base (ideally stone-baked to be honest), with a bit of bite, so that all the toppings don’t flop off once you pick it up off the plate. Think more Napoli than downtown Chicago (Town?). No nasty microwave pizzas here at Bounce!

Buffalo Mozzarella 

You’d think that having Buffalo Mozzarella on a pizza would be an absolute given, right? Well you’d be wrong. I have a pal who is obsessed with eating that awful grated cheese you get on supermarket pizzas – you know the sad, limp ones with two pieces of pepperoni, who have somehow managed to sit on top of each other despite have a whole pizza to stretch out over. Nah, not interested in that. I need my mozzarella coming from that most majestic of wild beasts, the buffalo. The cheese is far tangier and tasty than its cow milk substitute.


Okay, hear me out. So I know that a lot of people think that putting pineapple on top of a pizza is a bigger crime than the Russians hacking the US elections. But you’d be wrong. So look, I know that in their classic form, the pineapple doesn’t necessarily have a perfect union with bread and cheese. BUT what about if you caramelised the pineapple until it was golden brown and juicy AF, then paired it with zesty, spicy chilli? I am telling you, this is an absolute winner and can be found, conveniently for you and I, on the menu at Bounce as part of the ‘Very Posh Hawaiian’ pizza.

Actually, all of my pizza loves are catered for at Bounce, so that’s where I’m eating tonight. Plus, you can’t play Ping Pongwith your pals when you’re stuck in your bed with a pizza box can you? Amirite? So see you later at Bounce, yeh?