Birthday Celebration Ideas


Madonna will be 60 next year and we’re sure she has some pretty elaborate Birthday celebration ideas. She is unlikely to do it, but everyone can imagine her singing ‘Celebration’ for 60 hours straight in a performance art tribute to her sometime ubiquity. Instead, she’ll probably have a very nice time with her children. That’s the thing with birthdays; it really does depend on the number. I can guarantee you that you’ve struggled for birthday celebration ideas in the past, but worry no more…

So why not avoid these grim pitfalls and just aim for a nice time with your mates in a relaxed and fun way. Take out your frustrations about never quite making it to be the queen of pop on the table tennis table and enjoy a bloody good old rally back and forth with friends. Birthday celebration ideas don’t have to be overly elaborate; your friends don’t want to feel pressured into enjoying themselves, do they? No, they want to love you and eat pizza at the same time as whacking a little ball at the one of you.