Birthday Ideas in London


It’s your birthday. The pressure is on. What are you going to do? Can’t get into a decent club because you just ain’t fancy enough? Want to go somewhere with something to do to avoid talking to your partner’s boring friends? I hear you sisters and brothers, I hear you, good birthday ideas in London are tricky. Why not come to Bounce? There’s two flavours. Old Street: basementy, cool, corners to hide in, fun to be had; or Farringdon: ebullient, cavernous, slammin’. Why so good for a birthday? Well it’s free to get in, very relaxed, nice drinks and friendly staff. It doesn’t matter if people are late or don’t want to play Ping Pong, and you can eat dinner at any time wherever you like. So if you’re like me and have friends that are quite difficult and all want different things at different times then this sort of place is going to make the birthday a breeze and is the best of all birthday ideas in London.

If you’re up for entertainment why not book a Games Guru, who can organise a load of fun games for your group, crack some jokes and give out birthday medals. Offering a bit of structure to proceedings really takes the pressure off and it is something very entertaining to do that your guests will remember for a long time, especially if they go home with a trophy at the end of it. 

Birthday ideas in London – Bounce Ping Pong

And I’ll tell you one more thing about birthdays at Bounce, the club will, on the house, present a little chocolate brownie with a sparkler in it to the birthday girl or boy. It looks a little bit like a dusty mouse with a firework in its back, but you know, it’s a lovely gesture. Happy birthday ideas in London guy.