Birthday Party Packages in London


Love to be spoiled on your big day? Rightly so. If you’re a birthday brat, you have no qualms about extending your annual birth festivities beyond a mere day (24 hours is just not long enough). That’s why it’s ALL about birthday party packages in London and the best treats you can find for your friends. Because if you do have to limit your blessed birthday to one day (begrudgingly), you’re going to make it a day you won’t be forgetting anytime soon. Fact.

Organising a birthday party can come with certain pressures. First and foremost, finding a date that everyone can agree to. Possibly the hardest task of all. Once you’ve got that nailed, everything *should* just fall into place. Although that’s easier said than done. Then it’s onto location and discovering a venue with the best birthday party packages in London. Again, not for the faint hearted.

You’ll constantly ask yourself whether it’s all worth the hassle, but this if your big day, your bday bash to end all bday bashes. It’s most definitely worth it, even if it’s more than likely that you’ll be so smashed by 10pm you’ll have to get an early Uber home and not even make it to the party. But let’s not jinx it.

Birthday Party Packages in London at Bounce

If you’re finding the location search a bit overwhelming, look no further than Bounce. You can treat your pals to a next-level birthday experience in a private room at either venue, keep them sweet with an exclusive area amid the atmospheric main space or even toss in the option of an additional Games Guru to liven up the party and keep those faces on the right side of happy.  If you’re thinking of something a little different, you could even opt for your own private bottomless brunch, now that’s a sure fire way to keep those smiles the right way round. Because who doesn’t like free-flowing prosecco, endless slices of pizza and Ping Pong for two glorious hours? That’s a party package to get on board with, and a definite contender for one of the best birthday party packages in London.

So ditch the boring birthday shenanigans and opt for something with a bit more oomph. Oh, and be sure to make it a wild one.