Brunch Old Street Classic


Now, everyone knows that Bounce is a bottomless brunch Old Street CLASSIC, so we like to think we know a little about what our guests love. And we wanted to use this knowledge to take things up another notch!

We’ve kept all the things you love, you know like literally unlimited prosecco, plenty of Ping Pong and Wonderball, banging tunes, and added a few things that will keep brunch Old Street in your mind at all times.

Let me introduce you to (drum roll…) THE YORKSHIRE PUDDING PIZZA. This little beauty is a real batter bombshell, filled with a pork and fennel ragu, mozzarella, and rosemary. Now tell me, where else can you find a Yorkshire Pudding pizza at brunch?!

But that’s not all – we’ve also expanded our vegan and gluten-free pizza selection, and started serving mini Bloody Marys. All in all, I reckon we’ve got brunch DOWN, so when you’re looking for brunch Old Street, Shoreditch, or wherever in London, make sure you give us a go.