Christmas Party in January? Why Not!


Who needs a December soirée when you can have your Christmas party in January? Not only does it brighten up an otherwise very bleak month, but you get to start the year off the way you’d like it to proceed. In party mood. Everyone’s absolute favourite mood.

You may be the type of person who physically cringes at the thought of Christmas every day (damn you Wizzard), but you can’t deny that a good Christmas party can really put a smile on your face, and a Christmas party in January could be one for the office history books. Still doubtful? Here are a few reasons why January is the new December.

When you stop and really think about it, having a seasonal shindig in December makes no sense. What if December is the busiest month of the year? What if the thought of adding anything extra to festive season makes you nauseous? (It’s extra enough). What if you’d rather receive a nice, non-confrontational crimbo bonus than be forced to watch as your colleagues get boozy and dance around to the same Christmas songs they play EVERY year in a sort of office Groundhog Day ritual? What if nobody was even organised enough to plan a Christmas party? So many what ifs.

The answer lies in sweet, sweet January.

January doesn’t have to be inundated with Christmas tunes, January doesn’t make you wear ugly festive jumpers, January doesn’t force feed you dry turkey at every possible moment. January loves a Scrooge, but only one who likes to party. January is de-stressed, and requires no last minute party planning or menu changes because Trish in HR is now vegan, lactose and gluten free. January sits happily on the lower end of the cost spectrum.

Bounce has plenty of space for the perfect January shindig, what with the expansive private rooms, options for Games Gurus to make sure everyone joins in, and generally being able to elevate the average party by adding not only Ping Pong tables, but Ping Pong tables with projection mapping technology. Christmas can well and truly be eradicated from the minds of all your employees as they can begin the year with a get-together that actually makes people want to get together.

In short, a Christmas party in January is akin to a holiday in the Maldives. Stress-free, peaceful, plenty of fruity cocktails and no, I repeat NO, need for Christmas anything. There’s just no sand or sea, because well, it’s January and we are in London. The Thames just doesn’t quite cut it.