The Ultimate Christmas Party in London


With so many factors to consider even at the best of times, from food to drinks, venue and how to ensure everyone going has fun, and now with the coronavirus to consider, planning a Christmas party in London might look like an impossible task. The good news is, you can have the most amazing Christmas party this year when you come to Bounce!

Instead of fretting over all of the minute details and logistics, simply purchase one of our Christmas packages and treat yourself and your loved ones to a fun time around the ping pong table, gorging on delicious canapés and pizza, and sipping on some prosecco or soft drinks if you prefer.

Bounce’s 2020 Christmas Party in London Packages

Bearing in mind that Christmas is a time for family, all of our packages have been designed for a minimum of 4 people and they all include:

  • An abundance of food: Pizza plus a wide array of canapé options such as Roquefort and pear endives, pigs in blankets, salmon tartar, brussel sprout skewers, buttermilk turkey, goats’ cheese and red onion swiss rolls, and much more. Check out the complete menu
  • Lots of Drinks: Prosecco and beers such as Heineken, Sol, and Sagres are all on the menu this Christmas.
  • Lots and lots of ping pong.
  • Safety measures and precautions to keep you and your loved ones safe.

See? We’ve got you covered! Come December, give your loved ones the most memorable Christmas party they have ever experienced with one of the following options:

  1. The Ultimate Steal

For a unit price of £32, each person gets to enjoy the thrill of ping pong along with half a pizza, 3 Christmas canapés, and 2 bottles of beer (or, half a bottle of wine).

  1. The Christmas Cracker

With our Christmas Cracker package, you and your loved ones get to enjoy a fancy Prosecco reception. On top of that, each person gets to devour 5 Christmas canapés, 1 Christmas dessert canapé, and half a pizza, and sip on 2 bottles of beer or half a bottle of wine. Of course, all this would be enjoyed whilst you try to beat each other at games of ping pong.

  1. All the Trimmings

Want to party like royalty? Then this is the package for you. For £59 per person, you get a Prosecco reception, each person getting as many drinks they want, in addition to half a pizza plus 5 Christmas canapés and 1 Christmas dessert canapé.

Have an Amazing Christmas Party in London Without all the Fuss

Christmas is a time of laughter, sharing, and love. What better way to experience all of that than with an abundance of food, drinks, and, in our opinion, the most fun game on earth – ping pong!

Purchase one of our Christmas packages and gather your nearest and dearest for an awesome time at either Bounce Old Street or Bounce Farrington. For more information or simply to arrange a booking, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us!