Christmas Party Nights


So we all know the situation: it’s the office work party at a local chain Italian, and you’re next to Sue from accounts who, fascinating as she is, has one topic of conversation – her new Pug, Delilah. Sinking your third glass of wine, you’re dreaming of Christmas party nights, far away from here.

But where to go, once this sad little meal is over? Now, Christmas party nights should always be based around one thing – pure, unadulterated fun. And what is more fun than Ping Pong balls, flinging through the air, incredible cocktails made by top, top mixologists, and retro party anthems all night long, with no Sue in sight? Well let me tell you… absolutely nothing.

Christmas Party Nights at Bounce

Bounce has all of this, in spades. Or is that bats? Well either way, Bounce is the perfect destination for you and your mates for all those Christmas party nights you’ll have this festive season. Think of your night of Ping Pong as an escape from the banality of some of those work colleagues. And worst comes to worst, if Sue rocks up, you might be surprised… I’ve heard she’s an absolute demon on the Ping Pong table. Book your Christmas party now!