The Perfect Christmas Party Venue to Hire


Christmas party venue hire is not for the faint hearted on the best of days. We have all been, or at least seen, the hardships of planning an event. Let alone a Christmas event. But fear not! Christmas party venue hire at Bounce has never been easier. But more on that later.

‘Tis the season for food and indulgence, the best season. Essentially, if a season could be a Grimm Brother’s character it would be Hansel, ready to be overfed and plumped up by the wicked witch. Bring on the perfectly roasted potatoes with an equally perfectly roasted gigantic twelve-pound turkey. Bring on the sprouts (yes, even the sprouts), the carols, the tackiest tinsel you can find. Bring on the repetition of Christmas songs making it to number 1 again, the winter markets, the ice rinks, the snow? Christmas is a wonderful time of year, especially in good ol’ London town. So even if you’re a Grinch at heart, or a Christmas convert, make sure that your Christmas party venue hire is all about the experience, because that’s what the people want.

More specifically, the people want a venue that brings something different, something fun. That’s where Bounce enters the equation. Why is Bounce the best Christmas party venue hire in London you may ask? The answer is simple. They’ve got it all. Ping pong games (including the very tech Wonderball), private rooms in either venue, Christmas menus packages full of seasonal food and drinks, Christmas cocktails and even the option of adding a hilarious Games Guru to your booking.

So, pull up your stockings and hang up your stockings, because Christmas is here folks. And ping pong is on the menu.