Christmas Party Venues London


‘Twas Christmas in London and all through the town

The people were wondering where to get down

O, where to drink shampers and put that jumper on?

How to find the best Christmas party venues London?


Christmas in London is sort of a race

To see which one of us can get most off our face

To find out a winner in the spending grand prix

And to ransack the landscape in search of a tree


Christmas party venues London

Man, this is tricky to rhyme on

But if you do wiff waff or like little Ping Pong

Snow-girl in a cocktail to Bounce avalanching


Half Waitrose Christmas

Half Sydney Olympics

Come exceed yourself

In several dimensions

There’s cocktails and nibbles

Full dinners and giggles

And yes! One brand new game that we surely must mention…

O, Wonderball Wonderball what does it mean?

Well it’s a mating of pong and a game from the screen

Bat and ball is your joystick

While the best thing about it

Is you don’t have to be skilled to compete


So get down to Bounce for your Christmas excursion

The best of the Christmas party venues London

It’s a place to stay cheerful and hope for the best

And remember your duties to those who have less

This last one’s important

As compassion will wrest

Us out of the chaos that makes us depressed


Tear open the present and what do we get?

A world full of trumpets, idiots, regret.