Conference venue hire in London


I love big groups, not just because they tend to be the wildest, but because it really is the more the merrier. Big groups are encouraged, nay, celebrated, in all their comradery at Bounce as some of the largest and coolest companies around flock to Farringdon and Old Street in search of somewhere for conference venue hire in London.

We all know how much of a ballache conferences can be. The never ending speeches, the ache in your legs from being seated too long in an uncomfortable chair, the endless leaflets and lanyards (why is there always a lanyard?), the room that looks like an office swallowed a larger, bigger, more boring office. You get the picture. Conferences are normally dull and so is conference venue hire in London.

But it doesn’t have to be this way… Bounce conferences aren’t dull.

Both Bounce venues have been designed with conferences in mind. There’s bucket loads of space to fit a 10ft wide cinematic screen and projector in the main areas with chairs for your humble conferences. Whether you fancy a cheeky brainstorm sesh, team building activities, syndicate sessions or are in need of a breakout area throughout the conference, we can facilitate up to 200 guests. Bounce makes conference venue hire in London just that little bit easier, plus, you know, there’s Ping Pong tables to play on afterwards.