Why you should consider team building for your next corporate event? – Review: HeadBox


The rise of team building activities is something that has become second nature to companies both large and small in recent years. Team building has become increasingly popular as companies are recognising that boosting team morale and sense of belonging is paramount. This may seem obvious but team building activities are essential in creating a close-knit, happy and creative team.

Team building sometimes gets a bad reputation as something that could potentially be a little awkward, but it’s the most important investment you can make for your company. It builds trust, encourages engagement and increases collaboration between your team, ultimately boosting the bottom line. Team building doesn’t have to be the same old tired games which you churn out every year. You don’t have to tell an interesting fact about yourself and you definitely shouldn’t have to play charades! Thinking outside the box is important to keep your team interested and to really create that lasting sense of morale.

The Team at Bounce know a thing or two about team building activities. Their dedicated Games Gurus who are all experienced in entertaining, will make sure you’ll never be short of fun-filled team building activities that will completely change your mindset, improving your happiness at work. The Game Gurus at Bounce have plenty of tricks up their sleeves such as hosting events like Bounce Sports Day, which definitely aims to shake things up. Forget everything you already know about Ping Pong and Sports Day. HeadBox recently organised a corporate showcase event with Bounce and we enjoyed a fun-filled evening with a selection games. Bounce put on a selection of games that are an energetic twist on the traditional singles or doubles ping pong matches and their innovative approach means we were team building and we didn’t even know it.

If you want a bit more of a competitive edge why not let the game Gurus challenge you to a tournament booking? Playing the same rules as the Olympians, each pair will play at least two games each. With the winners prevailing in the grand final match. Not only are the games included but each Games Guru experience includes a 5-10 minute introduction, the famous games session and an awards ceremony on closing. The Games Guru experience really takes away the stress of arranging the activities yourself on the day and because the games are carefully created it means everyone is involved.

People often think that team building activities are only for team away days but why can’t they also be done conferences or meetings? Activities make the day more enjoyable and make everyone feel more relaxed. A relaxed conference attendee or meeting participant will mean they are more responsive to ideas and brainstorms which is only going to benefit your event. A little competitive edge will increase productivity no end and you never know it might spark the next big idea.

Now, don’t just take out word for it. The Games Gurus are so proficient with what they do that they have actually won an award for their team building activities. Don’t settle for anything less than the best and head down to Bounce now for the ultimate team building experience.