Corporate Event Spaces London


If you think about corporate event spaces in London, what is the first thing that comes to mind? For some, they think hotels. A lot of hotels don’t have much to offer apart from vast open spaces. They can be cold and dull to look at and merely serve the purpose of housing your large group for 6-8 hours whilst they daydream of being somewhere else.

You’re better than that and your colleagues deserve better than that. When we think of corporate event spaces in London in the year of 2017, we can think of a couple that will grip the imagination more so than most. We even went as far to do some research into why some corporate event spaces in London work better than others.

Corporate Event Spaces London

It’s been proven that Ping Pong has tonnes of fantastic health benefits. One being memory retention and attentiveness. Like we said above there’s’ nothing worse than sitting in a hotel hall, slowly drifting off into la la land. Flip your thinking to Bounce. A fantastic lecture space that can hold hundreds of people, Ping Pong tables dotted around the space to enhance breaks and breakout areas, we encourage you play during breaks to keep the energy moving.

Not only that it’s something to look forward to! We all remember sitting in a hotel meeting room, staring out the window hoping that a tree might fall through the window or at the very least the fire alarm drill would happen, just to spice things up a bit!  The prospect of playing Ping Pong in the breaks really helps the mind to focus and become more engaged! It’s a great sight to see people coming back to their seats with plenty of energy, fresh and alert, ready to take in information.

Come for a site visit, see what all the fuss is about… we’ll even give you a game then – loser buys the drinks!