Corporate Parties in London


Usually when your boss promises to take you out for one of your corporate parties in London, you wince slightly as you know, despite many protests, you’ll probably end up in the same old shabby pub.  Not to say that these kind of places don’t have their charm, but let’s just say the drinks are less than exciting, their idea of a cocktail is a pint of snakebite. 

They still have a jukebox with songs that haven’t been updated since the 90’s, which in its own way is great, but you want something else from your corporate parties in London. I’m sure with a bit of sweet talking, you can charm your boss to take you on a night out that fulfills your desires.

You dream of a place where you can do something fun and social with your friends, something crazy but not too crazy, like Ping Pong, yes! Playing Ping Pong with your friends in a cool place which also has a cool dancefloor. You want delicious food too. Check. And cocktails. We’ve got you covered.

Corporate parties in London at Bounce

So next time you know your company is planning their next corporate parties in London, think of Bounce. We’ll make sure every element of your night has been taken care of. And if you still miss it, we’ll even make you a snakebite.