Corporate Team Building Activities


Teams work better wearing medals. Fact. Teams like to win medals while drinking booze. Fact. The synthesis of both these facts is corporate team building activities at Bounce – The Home of Ping Pong. Whether you want to hire out the whole venue and spend a day improving the cohesion of your teams via games, break-outs and lunch, or just want to fire in for a two hour table tennis tournament, we are able to provide whatever you need. 

Corporate team building activities

Corporate teams are like finely tuned machines (not as finely tuned as spiders though, for they benefit from three hundred million years or so of evolution; there’s nothing like a few hundred millennia of practice to hone your genetic instincts) and a machine has to be serviced and oiled. Well! There’s no lack of service at this establishment! And there is no lack of oil either especially if you consider pizza, cheese and cocktails as lubricant, which everyone does, don’t they? Book a Games Guru for your corporate team building activities and they will provide the structure for a thrilling team vs team tournament with both fun and serious elements, requiring tactical thinking, skill doing and probably some shouting. Teams will win, but more formative, teams will lose. That is the way of the world. It is good to experience failure together when the stakes are super high, like when playing Ping Pong. That way, when something fails at your work, like you accidentally balls up the entirety of world finance, you can relax about it knowing that worse has happened during corporate team building activities at Bounce. There’s no reward for ballsing up world finance is there? Oh, wait a minute…