Creative Space in London – Bounce


Creativity is a slippery snake covered in glittery butter, receding always into an inaccessible dimension.  Very hard to hold onto and almost impossible to summon when needed, the creative snake has to be tricked into appearing.  A classic trap, as noted by Herodotus, is to change locations for creative work, thus the snake, previously withdrawn in familiar hiding places, is suddenly revealed.  A good rule of thumb when choosing creative space is, the less familiar to the snake the better.  I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t expect to get creative in a table tennis club.  This is why Bounce should be your choice when you need a modular, inspiring creative space. You need a break-out room? Tick. On site catering? Tick. Video projection, sound system, karaoke? Triple tick. Unexpectedness? Heavy tick.

The other way to bring the snake out of the shadows is to lure it with your blood.  This is admittedly quite an old school way of summoning creativity, usually left in the hands of experienced shaman, but it does work.  Luckily for you and your team, these days, as the flow of creativity has been diverted from infinite cosmic mystery to meaningless questions of style, so the snake of creativity has waned and is hungry.  Therefore an actual blood sacrifice is no longer necessary, the snake being sensitive to mere blush; exactly the kind of blood warming provided by table tennis.

Henry Thoreau claimed his thoughts began to flow ‘the moment my legs began to move’.  The relationship between physical activity and creativity is confirmed by virtually every authority in the field.  But despite results backing up the claim, there is no real clue as to why.  But we know it’s the snake right?

Creative Space in London – Bounce

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