Exciting Things To Do In London


Here’s another list we know you’ve all been waiting for…A list of some exciting things to do in London.

Exciting things to do in London (no downsides)

Go to Bounce, play Ping Pong, and enjoy the delicious food and cocktails on offer. Soak up the atmosphere, dance under the UV light, make friends and most importantly, unforgettable memories.

Exciting things to do in London (potential downsides)

Let your friends use your dating app to set up a blind date for you.
Take a different route to work.
Say hello to everyone you walk past.
Do a forward roll on the tube.
Try and make eye contact on the tube for as long as possible.
Stand on the left hand side of the escalator for as long as possible during rush hour.
Sit on someone’s lap on public transport.
Read the newspaper over someone’s shoulder, making it as obvious as possible.
Sit at the top front seat of double decker bus and pretend you’re the driver.
Get a rickshaw and say ‘surprise me’.
Pass your phone to a friend and let them text whoever they like.
Carry large quantities of cash in dodgy areas.
Get out all the money in your account and put it on red or black at the casino.
Keep getting Uber pools all night until you find ‘the one’.
Drink a shot every time you look at your phone.
Do a coffee shop crawl, smashing as many espressos as you can in a day.
Get in as many tourists photos as possible.
Go to Abbey Road but never finish crossing.
Call whatever number you find advertised in the nearest red phone box.

That’s all the exciting things to do in London we can think of for now… let us know what you choose to do.