Extraordinary Cool Bars in London


There are lots of cool bars in London, hidden gems which are waiting to be discovered and we’re sure you’ll agree the capital holds some of the most quirky and wonderful little secrets that can sometimes be right under your nose. Our Farringdon and Old Street venues are prime examples. Who knew their modest entrances would open up to such big spaces and you’d find hundreds of people partying there so often!

So, if you are looking for something weirdly extraordinary to break away from your social routine, at least now you know where we are. Bounce can supply you with the most quirky of nights out and mean you can be the office favourite when you have the answer for “We need to find a cool bar in London”. We hear it all the time. Whether it’s a buddy looking for a Saturday night beer or your girlfriend wanting a night out, everyone is looking for one.

We care what our customers think and want to make your experience with us the best you’ve ever had at any cool bar in London. We also want to constantly evolve to keep you coming back for more. We are so lucky to be working in an industry that is effectively supplying fun and enjoyment, not everyone can say that, so for that we are very grateful. So if you haven’t been to see us yet, do. And if you have, get yourself back to our gin palace inspired bars, eat in the restaurant, hit some balls, and get on the dance floor!

Grab your mates and tell them you’re the person in the know when it comes to cool bars in London. Bounce it is, let’s go!