Filming locations


Filming locations may be easy to come by, but often lack originality. Almost everything these days seems to have been filmed in an old sweatshop, all scarred brickwork and battered concrete floors.  In such filming locations, bringing your own generator due to faulty electrics isn’t out of the question, and if you can manage to get your lights inside, up the narrow stairs and through the stunted doorway, just don’t put them under the leaks in the roof.  In contrast, both Bounce venues are perfect filming locations, in that all gear can drift stressless-ly in and out, up and down ramps, safe and sound.  There is enough electricity flowing out of the sockets to power Wembley.  Probably.  And plenty of space for wardrobe and makeup, spotless toilets and on-site catering if you require.

Bounce, Old Street and Bounce, Farringdon – quirky filming locations in London

You’ll see from the photos of the space that both Bounce, Old Street and Bounce, Farringdon have tons of character and quirkiness, whilst at the same time remain firmly on this side of good taste.  Bounce, Old Street is the ‘basement reborn’ location if you need cool chic, beautiful chairs and stools, original artworks from the city’s best graffiti painters, cosy corners and long bar shots.  The Farringdon space is the one for you if you need high ceilings, wide open spaces and split levels.  The colour scheme treats the flesh of faces very well.  I’ve been there a lot and I always look good.  It goes without saying that our team are the best and most friendly you’ll deal with.  Contact our Events team today on 020 3657 6521 if you want to add Bounce as one of your filming locations.