Fun Private Event Venue Spaces


So, you’ve been putting in extra hours behind your desk all-week to meet up with a deadline. You’re finally able to get that job done, but you have another task in your hands – looking for a fun private event venue space to have a really good time with your friends/colleagues. However, the thought of going back to your usual hangout spots and doing the same things makes you feel like going back to work. For once, you wish to escape the routine trap and have a refreshing experience. The Bounce experience is all you need, and here’s why.

Fun Private Event Venue Spaces- The Bounce Experience

There are so many private event venue spaces in London offering some great services, so what makes Bounce unique? Bounce is an innovative social entertainment brand that combines three crucial elements to create an overall fun experience; a restaurant, a bar and an entertaining activity-ping pong.

If you’re looking for a fine dining experience with your loved ones, then you have to try our restaurant. Our restaurant has set a high standard for its food quality and we provide unique culinary services to our customers. There’s only one problem here, you might need to work on your multitasking skills as you will be trying to enjoy your meal and watch out for those fast eaters in your circle hovering over your food!

Then you have a bar that provides a wide range of great tasting and well-balanced cocktails, great wine list, craft and draft beers that will certainly meet all your needs. The bar is the perfect place to relax and have fun with your friends after a tough day.

And to crown your private event, you should test your reflexes with a few games of ping pong. Don’t worry if you aren’t a pro, just remember you’re here to have fun. In fact, a lot of people will argue that it is more interesting when rookies are playing after a few drinks.

Bounce is the ideal private event venue for you with its tailored spaces and custom options for all corporate, social and private requirements. Contact us to enjoy the Bounce experience.