Organise a Fun Team Building Event at Bounce


So you’ve been tasked to find a venue for your work’s next fun team building event. With the emphasis on fun. We’ll help you out, don’t worry.

You know what isn’t fun? Traipsing through hundreds upon hundreds of venues looking for a team building activity, especially if there’s pressure from your boss. If you’re in research mode you’ve probably ticked off quite a few activities, but if you’re looking to impress, this will require a little more thought.

You’ve already done the wine tasting, the virtual golf, the sushi making etc. Luckily for you there are tonnes of fun activities for corporate teams to take part in that will spark the imagination and of those attending your event.

Organise A Fun Team Building Event at Bounce

So this is where we come in… Bounce – The Home of Ping Pong, we’ve taken a sport that is equally enjoyable no matter how good or bad you are. In fact, we see smiling and laughter every day, and that’s the beauty of Ping Pong. It’s enjoyable for all levels and it brings people together.

Hosting a fun team building event with us is easy. We look after the food, the drinks, and deliver an activity in the most welcoming of environments. Our Games Guru experience is the piece de resistance for any event. These guys and gals will make your event full of enjoyment and memorable for time to come. You can expect your office to be thanking you for weeks to come for organising the most fun team building event your company has ever seen. Our Games Gurus charming wit and endless energy will ensure your team members are involved, engaged and active throughout your time with us, which is what it’s all about.

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