Fun Things to Do in London


Legend has it that the nose-bone of Queen Elizabeth I is buried somewhere on Hampstead heath in a tiny golden box. Every August bank holiday, hundreds of nose-hunters trot up to the heath to scrub over the grass and mud in search of the fabled box. Of course they can never find it, for the nose-bone does not exist. Even though each hunter knows this, it does nothing to dim the enthusiasm of the hunt which carries on for several days and nights.

Another rumour whispers of large groups of late night insomniacs in the street, betting on the turn of the traffic lights, standing there looking glum, red-eyed in the street, passing notes to each other as the series runs from red to green and back again across their tired faces. Thousands of these legends and rumours persist of fun things to do in London – secret this, crazy that – and in a city as infinitely deceitful as this one, it is hard to know what to believe.

I have never bet on the traffic lights, but I did once join the search on Hampstead Heath. Fun though it was, if you ask me what my pick of the fun things to do in London, I’d say I prefer a less abstract kind of fun, something definitive, something with a measurable outcome, or at the least, a chance to hit something with a bat.

Fun Things to Do in London – Play Ping Pong at Bounce
That’s why, when someone told me I could play Ping Pong on the World Championship table in a vast basement in Farringdon on the very spot (to the inch, I am told) where an imaginative toff made a lasting and decent (and copyrighted) contribution to humanity in the name of Wiff Waff. I was like no way, let’s play! We did, and it was epic. If that doesn’t count as one of the most fun things to do in London, I don’t know what does.