Function Room Hire with a Twist


So you’re gonna do a do, host a party, or need to functionize? You’re probably looking for somewhere private, but not too isolated, fresh but funky, roomy but cosy with friendly and relaxed staff ready to do what it takes to make your event run perfectly. Clever you, for function room hire with a twist you’re looking in the right place. Bounce knows functions and parties; five years in the business and we have wowed everyone, even the avowedly un-wowable, like a delegation of Norweigan Psychoanalysts or super-rich Brazillian playboys. There simply is no better place to go if you want to involve even the slightest hint of Wiff Waffery to your event. We know that the best parties or networking events have something on the side as a fun diversion – the events I attend often feature gin-filled hot-tubs and exotic birds on golden boughs, even be-masked humans ready to wordlessly act out one’s final fantasy. It would, however be improper to divulge further aspects of my private life in a short post on function room hire, so suffice it to say that if you can’t have exotic animals to pet when the conversation trails off, the very next best thing is a table tennis table and we’ve got loads of them. I know it’s hardly the debauched glamour of the Pharoes, but it works pretty well and in any case the Pharoes didn’t have Karaoke. We do. 

Function Room Hire – Bounce

 Bounce, Old Street has a stylish private room with long, sexy black curtains that can swoosh the whole area into total privacy for that classy party. Over in Farringdon the private room is totally separate from the main floor which is good because it is the room with the Karaoke machine in it…both spaces are fully technically provided for and can be catered to without issue. The tables can be desks first and Ping Pong later, or whatever modulation of the furniture you require. Contact our Events team to discuss your function room hire needs.