Halloween Party in London – Spookily Amazing



That gloriously spooky time of year has once again crept up on us, like an unwanted spider in the middle of the night. But this year brings with it the promise of yet another great Halloween party in London.

Dreams become vicious nightmares, all form of colour disintegrates into black, and light fades into darkness as everyone prepares to dig out their trusty Halloween costumes that may or may not still fit them. It’s the BEST time of year. Except for the pumpkins, because who can be bothered to carve those things? Too many seeds.

You can creep it real this Halloween, by heading to not one, but TWO bloodcurdling Bounce Ping Pong parties. Twice the fun and twice as twisted. Essentially, my idea of how a Halloween party in London should go down.

Bounce know how to throw a good party, it’s in their DNA twisted around a double helix somewhere, so it would be rude to not make an effort with a killer costume. For the Thriller themed parties on Saturday 27th October at Farringdon and Wednesday 31st October at Old Street, it’s all about channelling the MJ red one piece vibes. The parties themselves are even going to have the American Werewolf in London from the music video if you’re lacking costume inspiration. There will be Gory Games Guru’s leading free play ping pong tables, selfie mirrors*, frighteningly good alcoholic blood bags**, UV face painters and a monster mashup of haunted house party tunes from the resident DJ’s. The perfect Halloween party in London and the only way to spend a Saturday, or indeed a Wednesday, night. Although you may find that you’ll still be feeling like a zombie at work the next day. Grim (reaper).

So pick your day and head on down to your chosen venue for an apocalyptic night of fun, fangs, fizz and much more with your pals and partners. One things for sure, all the ghosting here will be of the white sheet variety so you won’t be left flying solo on the D floor. And if you’re feeling ambitious and fancy both parties, (you ghastly partier you), then by all means dance ‘til your dead at Farringdon and commit murder on the dancefloor at Old Street. You’ll be damned if I miss out on either.

*not for vampires

**for vampires