Hen Party Ideas in London


Wedding fever is rapidly descending and with it, the nausea of planning your best mate’s hen party. Coming up with a plan takes some organisation, so I’m giving you some hen party ideas in London. If you are the chosen one, the one who has to somehow coordinate 20 or so adult ladies and get them from A to B when they’re drunk, I salute you. It’s a tough gig. But stick with me, it’s about to get easier.

So you’re knuckling down into planning mode, the word Vegas has been tossed around so many times it’s lost all meaning, ditto the word expensive. You’re at a loss trying to please everyone, because no matter what you suggest there’s always someone who disagrees. But here’s the thing, hen do’s are all about having fun, and giving the bride-to-be a really good (drunken) send-off before she says ‘I do’. So why not check out some of the more inventive hen party ideas in London? Luckily, I’ve got just the answer.


They. Specialise. In. Big. Groups.

Four dreamy words that when put in a sentence, trigger a little inward sigh of relief. Particular emphasis on the word specialise. They have experiences especially put together to enhance a party and make it a night to remember. Each package includes Games Gurus, an eclectic mix of London comedians and former Ping Pong pros who lead all Ping Pong games throughout the evening, ensuring that absolutely EVERYONE is involved. No shying away in the corner. For hen party ideas in London, the most preferable package includes three glasses of prosecco, the Games Guru experience, sharing bites and pizzas, and most importantly, IT DOESN’T BREAK THE BANK. At a decent £39.50 per person, it’s a fantastic way to get physical, or fizzical if the case may be, and bat your way to Ping Pong glory, in true hen party style.