Key Elements of The Quirky Bars in London


So you’re looking for quirky bars in London, where do you think of? Bounce? You’d be right. There’s a load of quirky bars in London though, we’re not going to deny that. But the quality we want to focus on the most when it comes to being quirky, is supplying the unexpected, which we like to think we do quite well.

We’ve previously mentioned how you don’t expect to have such amazing food in the same building where you’ve just hit you friend with a Ping Pong ball. We’ve also talked about the fact that in Farringdon, you’re playing on the very same spot where Jean Jaques III invented the game you’re playing. And we’ve discussed the UV, which amongst all the other elements of Bounce creates and atmosphere like no other.

So let’s look at some of the other elements that make us stand out amongst the other quirky bars in London.

The space – From outside either of our UK venues, you would not expect a 14,500 sq. ft. Ping Pong playground inside and that’s part of its charm. Head down the stairs and this vast space just opens up around you, full of energy, great tunes playing, balls flying, and most importantly – people smiling!

The design – Nobody knows about interior design quite like Russell Sage Studio, which is why our venues are so beautiful and unique. Every touchpoint has been carefully considered to give you the best experience possible.

The equipment –The good folks at Butterfly supply us with only superior bats and proper tables, so when you hit that winning shot you will feel just like the pros do! (Minus the alcohol).