Looking for the Best Place to Throw a Fun Social Distancing Party?


Throwing a party is a great way to have fun with friends, celebrate important events, and just have a good time. With Covid-19 lurking around as an uninvited guest, social distancing is a must, yet this doesn’t mean that you need to give up on your party plans! You’re simply going to have to get creative with your next party. So how can you throw a party while keeping up with social distancing guidelines? Just throw your party at Bounce! Here are some reasons why:

1.    You Can’t Have One at Home

Hosting a party at home isn’t really an option at the moment. Fortunately, you are still allowed to go out to bars and restaurants in groups of six or less and still have a blast. You might have to maintain social distance, but you can still play some ping pong, enjoy the food and drinks, and have an insanely good time.

2.    Best Party Venue

Bounce is a brilliant option if you’d like to have a social distancing party—but not just for social distancing parties, as we’re set up to offer the most unique party experience in London. We’ve combined three separate entertainment activities to create one perfect party venue. When you come here, you can choose to relax at the bar and enjoy a selection off our extensive drinks menu, have a delicious meal put together by our executive chefs, enjoy fun ping pong games or have it altogether!

3.    Ping Pong is the Perfect Social Distancing Party Activity

Did you ask what makes ping pong the perfect social distancing activity? Great question! Ping pong is a game loved by all, young and old, and provides just the right level of competitiveness to give an edge to your party, with the right degree of casualness to keep the atmosphere light. Also, a ping pong table is just short of three meters long helping you keep a safe distance from each other.

Come to Bounce for an Unbeatable Entertainment Experience

Don’t let the pandemic ruin your party plans! When you come to Bounce, you will be able to have all the party fun you would normally have, with just a couple of restrictions and some extra measures to keep you safe. Get in touch with us to discuss your next party arrangement.