Best New Year’s Eve Party Ideas


To help you and your pals make the right choice for your NYE this year, we’ve helpfully listed the top 3 things you should be looking for to make sure you have the time of your life:

Drink Offers

Now, this is key. New Year’s Eve can get preeeeetty pricey. Take your list of New Year’s Eve party ideas and cross off any that don’t have happy hour deals. But look here – Bounce has got incredible Happy Hour deals from 8-10pm, including 241 cocktails (and even free pizza slices!).

Top Music

Sure, any venue can play 2017’s top chart hits, all night long, but that would basically mean a constant loop of Ed Sheeran songs, slowly smacking us into unconsciousness. Now that certainly wouldn’t be the best of New Year Eve party ideas would it? Well luckily for you, Bounce ditches this idea in favour of post-disco classics and retro anthems. Much more likely to bring the house down, figuratively speaking.


Well I guess this is sort of cheating but seriously, what kind of self-respecting New Year’s Eve party ideas wouldn’t have Wonderball tables as part of the entertainment? I’d say that that was a pretty basic requirement. And guess what? Bounce is the only place you’re going to find this game changing new concept. Not sure what Wonderball is? Well you’ll have to come down on the 31st December and find out, won’t you?

So I guess we’ll be seeing you on NYE?