New Year’s Eve Party in London


Once Christmas is over, you’ve put on 7 stone, you’re stuck with your family in the middle of nowhere, dreaming of jumping onto a train to a New Year’s Eve Party London bound. Last year I made the decision that I’d stay in with my two guinea pigs and play Auld Lang Syne through my ukulele. It was the worst evening of my life.

This year, I have learnt from my mistakes… I’m going out-out but where? New Year’s Eve Party London, or Paris, or Rome? When London is home to TWO WHOLE Bounces, the decision is easy peasy, Ping Pong squeezey.

But which venue should I go to? At Farringdon I can party like there’ll be no tomorrow at the Pre-Apocalyptic Ping Pong Party, just in case, well we don’t make it to next year. Feeling pretty good about next year but it’s good to party hard just in case.

Or over at Shoreditch there’s the Wonderball NYE party, which is gonna be the most Wonderbally New Year’s Eve Party London has ever seen. That is a fact. The choice is yours. I’m going to both. SEEYA.