The Ping Pong party with Cirque Du Soul, has to be one of my favourite posts to write!
The whole night was just a mist of fun discoveries and truthfully only one word can describe the it… BANGING!

I’m talking unlimited alcoholic candy floss, swings, selfie mirrors and of course Ping Pong! It wouldn’t be a Bounce party without it. The Games Guru’s OMG were just so much fun! Five tables with over 50 people on each, playing giant Ping Pong and party games all at once. You can’t beat it. It felt like one big love affair of drinking and dancing with complete strangers and becoming best friends by the end of the night. There is no other place like it!

Cirque Du Soul hit the decks at 9pm and naturally, KILLED IT! I’ve always loved the folks of Cirque Du Soul, so my hopes were high, and they didn’t disappoint. Instead, mixing some absolute tunes – you know, the type of songs you just can’t help but stand on the seats and start dancing? Yup, those were the ones!

I remember turning around, the party was in full swing, everyone was owning the dance floor – admittedly, I was throwing some questionable dance move – but I had glitter on my cheeks and confetti pouring above my head, Milky Way Martini flavoured candy floss in my hand, my best girl gang by my side … it was PERFECT!

I’ve fallen in love with Bounce again! Its new décor is pretty sexy but Saturday was just one of those nights I haven’t had in such a long time. Cannot wait to see what their Halloween party will bring! Hopefully more of the same.