Quirky Christmas Parties in London


Traditionalists, be gone! Quirky Christmas parties in London are all the rage this year. Says who? Says me.

Who needs tinsel on a tree, crackers on a table, mulled wine of questionable quality from someone on the street (with an even more questionable mulled wine stand)? Say goodbye to Christmas cracker crowns that don’t look good on anyone, gorging on mince pies by the dozen, queuing for Winter Wonderland for 60 minutes in the cold before reluctantly handing over all your hard earned cash for a hot dog and stein of beer that cost a small fortune, hanging around a sprig of mistletoe in the hope that someone may take pity on you and give you your long awaited smooch (or is that just me?), or being force fed Christmas pudding by your family elders because it tastes ‘so good’. Lies.

You get my drift though. Because the quirkiest of quirky Christmas parties in London forgo the usual Christmas routine. Instead, opting for the Christmas party rejects, the overlooked, and the less traditional.

Quirky Christmas Parties in London at Bounce

That’s why Bounce is where it’s at this Christmas. Party the night away with your colleagues in a less conventional setting with a ping pong bat in one hand and a freshly made cocktail in the other. It’s not even just the traditional ping pong games that make Bounce the perfect place for a quirky Christmas party in London, because they’ve got their futuristic equivalent, Wonderball. Ping Pong’s techy younger sister. You can deck the halls with flutes of prosecco, don your most offensive looking Christmas jumper, munch on a slice of festive pizza and just generally get jolly together all in the comfort of a private room. It’s what Christmas dreams are made of.