Finding Quirky Conference Venues in London


Venues in the Capital are in high demand because everyone wants to find quirky conference venues in London to host something a little different. Something a little sexier than, well, a conference.

Most conferences are known for a speaker that speaks just that little bit too long, break away sessions that are as imaginative as vanilla ice cream and uncomfortable chairs in about 50 shades of grey (no, not in a good way).  At Bounce, it’s all about watching those types of conferences sail away on the Titanic and instead welcome a shiny new (non-sinkable) version – Titanic 2.0. In short, we believe in conferences that don’t harbour boredom and narcolepsy, making us one of the more quirky conference venues in London.

The Bounce conference ethos, if there is one, is to engage and excite the people at our conferences. That’s why we’ve got a giant screen, 10ft to be exact, for all those PowerPoints to live their best (HD) life on screen. As well as the ultimate team building exercise, good old ping pong. If that’s not an ice breaker, I don’t know what is. Our Russel Sage interiors themselves make Bounce one of the hottest quirky conference venues in London because, well, they are pretty funky. Even better, our conference facilities cater for up to 200 guests plus you get your very own Events Coordinator to de-stress the whole thing. At least for you, you lucky things.

So head down to Old Street or Farringdon and get your conference hat on, and whilst you’re at it chuck the corporate hat in the bin. It’s not quirky enough.