Quirky London Restaurants


What is a quirk? We all know what a quark is, well, we don’t – no one really does as it is a theoretical mini-thing – but we pretend we do so that we can get on with our lives. Quark was also a publishing layout programme (shout out to all my old school designer crew!), and it is what the Germans call curds. But this is irrelevant as we are discussing the etymology of the word quirk. Among other things it is an Irish surname, Quirke, the most famous of these being perhaps is Pauline Quirke from Birds of a Feather. Remove the ‘e’ from the surname and you find a lot more quirks but this time mostly American and Australian. But who cares? You don’t want to organise a night out at a quirky London restaurant do you? Wait, do you? 

No. The quirks you want are the ones that pertain to peculiarity, unexpectedness, redolent of a smirk, something to raise the tired eyebrows, unusual and gratifying. Recorded in 1560 as meaning “quibble” or “evasion” it is the sense of something not doing quite what it should. That’s why Bounce is the top of quirky London restaurants, it just seems strange to have a high quality restaurant in a Ping Pong club, but it works. Eat, watch, play, is the recommendation at Bounce, best of the quirky London restaurants. And please, don’t worry, Pauline Quirke has never been in our kitchen.*

*She was a contestant on BBC’s Celebrity MasterChef in June 2007, but was disqualified for creating a dish that was described by Lloyd Grossman as “in no way resembling a meal”.