Quirky Things To Do in London


It would seem that nothing in London is without its gimmick. Even a simple bar now must have apricot water to drink and a Japanese toilet to rinse or it risks fading without trace. Restaurants offer thrilling dining conditions: in the dark; up a tree; in front of a performance; off of the back of a genetically disinfected wildebeest.  But sadly, dear reader, I know you care not for these experiences, nor for the mild joke about portmanteau I had in mind. You are simply looking for the best quirky things to do in London, not just experiencing something strange for the sake of it. Quite simply, experiencing Bounce is one of the finest quirky things to do in London that you can do, and we mean quirky in a good way, not the way people describe themselves on dating apps when they realise they’re getting no matches.

Wherever you are now please, stop what you’re doing, actually don’t do that, finish reading this first and then book you and your chums a table at Bounce. Whether it’s Ping Pong, food or delicious beverages you’re after, we’ve got you covered. We’ll take you to a world of fun that you did not think could exist below sea level, is it below sea level? Dunno, wither way, if you’ve been searching for quirky things to do in London, we’re ready for you.

To book a table now or if you just fancy a chat with one of our Reservations team, give us a call on 020 3657 6525.