The Most Original of Shoreditch Bars


Some people think that Shoreditch bars are either all beer, bankers and bollocks or inaccessibly cool cocktail joints hiding silicone roundabout ‘teen-techers’.  Some or all of this may be true, but there are plenty of other choices if you are looking for a less-than-usual night out, and here’s why social Ping Pong at Bounce should be at the top of your list.  

Obviously, the most important element of a Shoreditch bar is the bar itself. That’s why you should check out our bar.  It’s big.  Big enough for everyone to get a drink in no time.  Big enough to stand at and play flirty eyes with someone you like.  And what about the drinks?  You’re in Shoreditch, London, and the way things are, you’ll need a cocktail.  Bounce cocktails are some of the best around owing to the experience of the beautiful bar staff and the vast variety of fancy booze behind that massive bar.  It also has those handy coat hooks on it.

The Most Original of Shoreditch Bars – Bounce

But what makes Bounce the most original and fun of the famous Shoreditch bars is the ultimate pinnacle of entertainment: The Games Guru Experience.  This life-affirming 1.5 hour session with one of our in-house Games Gurus will have your birthday or works party laughing and crying (with laughter!) as you score points and win a trophy.

There are twenty full-size pro quality tables including the London 2012 Olympics table which takes pride of place next to the 2013 Glasgow World Championship table.  They are super-fast tables, believe me.  Bounce provides quality bats and balls for you to play with and you can take home Bounce branded sportswear if you have space for that in your life. 

All of this plus the restaurant, bar, private room, free cloakroom and dance floor make Bounce a lively and fun place to meet new people, mix and mingle, and Ping and Pong all night long.