Six Nations Live


We all know what it’s like. You’re thinking of where to watch Six Nations live in London. Your mate picks the local pub, you know, the one with the 30cm screen. You get to the pub, go up to the bar, and 18 people you only slightly know walk in, and demand you buy a round of beers. Two grand later, and you’ve got one beer for yourself and a year’s worth of debt. At Bounce we’ve worked out a way to avoid this.

Where to Watch Six Nations Live in London
When finding where to watch Six Nations live, book somewhere where all your drinks are included in the entry fee! “Where the hell am I going to find that?” I hear you ask. Bounce, Old Street is the answer. For just £30pp we are offering unlimited, YES UNLIMITED, beer and pizza for two hours, in front of the rugby on our 10ft projector screen.

And as if that wasn’t enough (surely it is), we’re also offering unlimited wine for an extra £5 for those non-beer drinkers out there. So when you’re deciding where to watch the Six Nations live this year, the choice is easy. Bounce all the way. Just make sure you book soon to avoid the scrum…