Summer Party Ideas


Sun’s out!  Summer party ideas, quick, do something!  Put your shorts on the sun’s going… oh.

This is our lot as the angles of these isles.  As Dryden probably said, “in London we are but grazed by the mighty sun, the true fire of her bolts quelled in the sullen grey clouds, O! Woe!”

Fear not, Dryden’s Woe is assailable!  Here’s how.  Book a quick table tennis tournament or games session at Bounce for the perfect summer party.  It takes a couple of hours which is neither too long nor too short when faced with the ever changing London summer.  If t’were hot, too hot then you will appreciate the cool climate controlled air of Bounce.  And if the sky be clouded like a hag’s dead eye, you’ll not feel bad about popping inside for a bit.  Once inside, you and your party will be welcomed with a smile and taken to your table where the fun will start, especially if you have booked a Games Guru to look after your party.

The best of all the summer party ideas

Sounds good, some would say, but of all the summer party ideas the best is the one involving a barbecue, and how can you have a barbecue in a table tennis club?  Well let me tell you mate, we may not have a barbecue, but we have got a pizza oven made of stone.  And I’ll tell you something else, you can’t barbecue a pizza can you?  Can you?  You can’t barbecue a cocktail bar either and we have one of those. So ho ho, Mr. My summer party ideas are better than yours, I think your disposable barbecue and frisbee-in-the-rain party is not looking so hot now in comparison to pretty much the most highly rated hospitality experience this side of Charles II’s box at Drury Lane, circa 1663.