Summer Party Venues London


I don’t know about you but summer just makes me want to have a cooling ice cream, a cocktail, and then party. Such simple pleasures. But did you know that Bounce can offer you all three of these things for those looking for summer party venues London, this year? And that’s not all – we’ve also got the holy grail, Ping Pong too, but of course you know that.

We’re teaming up with Cheers Ice Cream, who make the most deliciously boozy summer treat, to give your summer party that boost! We’ll be giving all private room bookings over the summer a complimentary ice cream bike with 75 pots of delicious alcoholic ice cream! What other summer party venues London, or anywhere else is offering you that, eh?

Pornstar Martini Ice Cream

Well of course the Pornstar Martini is an absolute winner. The delicious combination of Passionfruit, vodka, and prosecco is sure to satisfy those with a sweet tooth. Or you know, those looking for the sexiest of all the cocktails.

Mojito Ice Cream

Now this one is a real corker. Coming in at an 8.4% ABV (yes, really), you won’t need many of these to get a bit merry. Made using organic limes, mint, and a hell of a lot of white rum, this is the number one choice for those who really want to cut lose and descend into a tropical island trance. What is more summery than that? Nada, that’s what. Pop some Rihanna on and drift off…

Chocolate Espresso Martini Ice Cream

Had a long day at work and not sure whether you’ll make it through the summer party? Well come on over here and I’ll give you something to sort that out – you’ll be buzzing all night. This ice cream is, of course, the Chocolate Espresso Martini.

Strawberry Daiquiri 

What on earth more says ‘summer party’ then a Strawberry Daiquiri? Well maybe perma-tanned George Michael lookalikes and flamingo inflatables around a pool, but let’s be realistic – this is London. Cheers’ delicious ice cream has organic strawberries as the star of the show, paired with crisp white rum. All of this packs a 7.4% ABV punch.

Toffee & Vodka

If you want something delicious to round off your dinner at the Summer Party, then perhaps the Toffee and Vodka ice cream is exactly what the doctor ordered. With caramel notes and lashing of vodka, this flavour is a real favourite. Better grab it before it runs out!

So when you’re looking for summer party venues London, make sure you book yours at Bounce, and we promise the coolest (geddit) party in town, with the best boozy ice cream. Give us a call, and we’ll take care of everything. We can probably even find you some inflatable flamingos, if you ask us nicely. Then you can just sit back and chill…