Team Building Activities at Bounce


Here at Bounce, we have religiously studied team building activities and know that competitive team play is one of the most thrilling aspects of human existence. Why so? Because it effectively taps into our deep genetic memory of hunting in packs; each nervous hunter striving do their very best in perfect synchronicity, or risk starvation.  Game and sport are what we modern humans use in order to feel the rush of victory or the flush of defeat.  In the past, when tribes went to war, there were moments when their whole collective strength was challenged, or other moments when individual champions, team hopes high on their shoulders, had to win or all would be lost.

What team building activities can strengthen the bonds of your workforce than exposure to these primal feelings?  Somewhat puzzlingly, in this contemporary world not everyone wants to bear the rawness of physical endeavour.  That is why we provide companies with what they need to bribe their employees to attend:  we serve the best pizzas and drinks at any ‘sportsy’ place anywhere, whilst playing.  It is highly unlikely an abseiling instructor is going to serve you a gin and tonic as you totter backwards off a cliff-edge.

Recipe for successful team building activities

The final ingredient in Bounce’s recipe for team building activities is the specially trained Games Guru.  This friendly and enthusiastic host organises teams, makes the games, keeps the score, sets the pace and piles on the pressure. It is in this playful but seriously competitive environment your team spirit will be forged. Which in the end, means they work better together, providing a relatively inexpensive way to boost productivity.