Team Building Events


Whether you like football or rugby, formula 1 or even tennis, you’ll know that victory is impossible without an effective team. But a team is not merely an undifferentiated blob of either success or failure, no, it is a complex machine operated by and constituted of complex individuals. Stafford Beer, the mildly eccentric systems expert of the mid-20th century, recognisable by his enormously long beard, came up with the notion of Syntegrity, the perfect balance of synergy and integrity. This is what every team should strive for. The team should be dynamic and various because that, he says, is the only way a team can cope when variety is thrown at it. Beer invented many words and another good one is Cybernetics. It’s not really about robots, or humans going about with cameras implanted at the end of their fingers, lasers behind the eyeballs and what have you, it is simply a way to describe feedback across complex systems. An impromptu team made up of highly complex human animals outside of their usual habitat and perhaps harbouring reticence toward such a thing as team building events, is certainly a complex system. 

Team Building Events at Bounce

So if you were to try to attain Beer’s fabled state of Syntegrity, you’d do well to book your team building events at Bounce. Several entertaining team games based around Ping Pong and facilitated by one of our in-house Games Gurus will place unexpected demands on the teams, their leadership and structure. There will always be more and less skilled players in a team, it’s true, but Ping Pong is one of those sports where it is possible to go from hopeless first-timer to a level of competence within a couple of hours.  How your team encourages the learners is what gives the team synergy. As for integrity, well I would go further than Beer’s physical description and suggest that it is another word for honour, a collective feeling of emotional stability founded on deep interpersonal respect within the team.  And there you have it.  How to approach Syntegrity from a social sport perspective…  funny what you can say about team building events that involve hitting a small ball with a small bat.