Team Building Games


Obviously before any discussion of team building games, it is important to distinguish the difference between a sport and a game. Both sports and games developed from the ancient animal process of messing about.  As human intelligence developed, some members of the species developed the gene for being bossy.  This new sub-species, thanks to their genetic make-up, were naturally unable to enjoy merely messing about, and so eventually, rather than humanity suffer an inter-species split, the old process of messing about was differentiated, codified, ruled upon, and the twin concept of win/lose was invented.

What became games and sports are universal features of human culture past and present.  Games (even though you can have a ‘game’ of football) are generally considered to be those by which the winning of requires chance or skill that is not necessarily physical, such as a game like draughts (at least five thousand years old).  Sports on the other hand, are typically regarded as games wherein outcomes depend primarily on physical skill.  If you want the complete definition: “an embodied, structured, goal-oriented, competitive, contest-based, ludic, physical activity.”  Phew!  Already sweating.  And that’s the point I think.  Sports and team building games make you sweat, and not in a grimy, gambling on red way.  And when you sweat together, you get better together, and if you are really good like the best ever, you get remembered in carvings and statues like the ones we understand are from the ancient games.

Team Building Games – Ping Pong at Bounce

And what of a sculptural legacy for Ping Pong? Captured for all future time at the entrance to the Kim Il Sung Stadium, North Korea you will find an absolutely enormous boy, cast in plain white concrete standing six times the height of a normal Ping Pong player.  He is depicted at the zenith of his backswing, the spring sunshine making his right side shimmer.  His left side is all covered in bird shit.  He is alone.  I think what we can take from this is that teams are not built around icons of ambition, they are built around collective peril. Anyway, we digress… Bounce knows a thing or two about team building games, you should probably give us a call about them, or see our Games Guru section for more information.